The pain of divorce is hard enough without the added financial and emotional upheaval of deciding child custody, dividing marital property and assigning support and asset distribution. There are many benefits of divorce mediation. The most proclaimed benefits are the cost-savings and the positive effects on children in the long run.

Mediation is less expensive.
Divorce mediation is generally 40% to 60% less than divorce litigation.

Mediation has positive effects on children.
During this period of conflict, mediation helps in providing a peaceful home when children are involved. Children witness the cooperation between both parents; only to make joint custody much easier.

The couple is able to control the outcome in mediation.
Each spouse has the final say of the terms of the agreement without interference from lawyers or judges.

The couple receives more personal attention.
The process enables the couple to work directly with the mediator on the issues and negotiations.

Couples set their own time frame to resolve their issues.
Couples are able to resolve their issues within a few sessions whereas they may have to wait for months to appear in court.

Confidentiality exists in mediation.
All documents, communications, and meetings between the mediator and both parties are confidential and privileged.

More flexibility in mediation.
Mediation can be arranged around a couple’s daily activities, in the evenings or on weekends. If both parties agree, mediation can even occur via an online service or a conference call.

There are more opportunities for a plan suited to the needs of the family.
Both parties may address specific points for effective co-parenting after the divorce. The mediator will help the couple to better understand family matters as well as their ability to communicate with one another in the years to come—with the hope of a good relationship with their children.