Divorce Mediation Support Services

Divorce mediation is a voluntary process whereby the mediator facilitates respectful separation of a couple’s marriage by helping both parties reach agreement about issues in a collaborative, consensual, and informed manner. Mediation is not a substitute for independent legal, financial, or professional advice. All parties are advised to seek other professional and legal counsel during mediation prior to finalizing any agreement reached at mediation.

Why Choose Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation can reduce the financial and the emotional upheaval often associated with divorce. In most circumstances, individuals select mediation to save money. However, the more significant benefit is avoiding the negative, emotional fallout from a drawn out acrimonious divorce, especially when children are involved.

During the divorce mediation process, most couples gain insight on how to begin discussion to resolve the issues. In the event that a future issue should escalate, it gives the couples a place to return to resolve the issues before they spiral out-of-control.

Spouses Work Together

Each spouse agrees to try to work with the mediator in dissolving the marriage.

Reduce Hidden Agenda

Each spouse agrees to share all financial information with the mediator.

Peaceful Process

Neither party seeks to harm (e.g. revenge) the other during this process or in the future.

5 Step Checklist: Preparing for Divorce Mediation


We believe that you should spend your money on your family and not the process. Many deplete assets or go into debt during the divorce process. Let us help you work through the noise.

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