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Illinois Divorce Mediator, Rebecca S. Busch, is a registered nurse with a finance and compliance background. Rebecca has assisted clients in projecting future medical costs in matters involving disabled adults or minor children. She has an extensive background in mediation techniques and has worked with couples on marital and family issues, keeping in mind the best interests of the family as a unit. Who better than a compassionate, empathetic nurse to use mediation to facilitate avoidance of a negative, emotional fallout from a drawn-out and acrimonious divorce between two partners.

The pain of divorce is hard enough without the added financial and emotional upheaval of deciding child custody, dividing marital property and assigning support and asset distribution. Rebecca is a firm believer in spending money on the family – NOT the process.

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What Makes Us Different?


Special Needs Child Mediator

The divorce rate is very high for parents with special needs children. A competent nurse mediator can add to the mediation process with their knowledge of multidisciplinary medical and educational outlets for a special needs child, including those children that just cannot adjust to the divorce process.


Spanish Speaking Divorce Mediator

The Hispanic/Latino population is growing faster than most others in the US. Illinois Divorce Mediator is able to communicate with parties in their native language to ensure all parties fully understand the process.


Family Focused Divorce Mediator

Illinois Divorce Mediator understands that self-determination is the fundamental principle of family mediation. Her knowledge of outside resources in the legal, medical and education fields enables participants to seek information and advice from a variety of sources during the process.


Medical Background Mediator

Over 20 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse and family advocate enables emphatic and expert services to prepare Life Care Plans and calculate expenses relative to healthcare needs. Like nurses in a hospital, a nurse mediator has the traits of compassion, sensitivity and being results-oriented.


Financial Background Mediator

Rebecca’s extensive background as a testifying expert has resulted in transferable skills to assist with mediation. Her collective experience as a subject matter expert on people, process and technology enhances her finance skills and the ability to get people to work together to move forward.


Affordable Divorce Mediation


We strive to develop a multicultural and multilingual team to help understand unique family dynamics. We have Spanish speaking divorce mediators and Polish speaking divorce mediators available. If you need a specific resource or type of expert please send us a note.


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Rebecca Mendoza Saltiel Busch - Illinois Divorce Mediator

Rebecca Mendoza Saltiel Busch

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