Imagine yourself on a plane and the flight attendant asks for your attention to run you through the procedure of securing your emergency air mask. Think of how many times you sat passively listening but not really paying attention. “A mask will drop from a container in the airplane ceiling. The mask, which looks like a yellow plastic cup, fits over your head and mouth and the ends can be tugged to tighten the fit. Pull on the hose gently to begin the flow of oxygen.”

You are instructed to put your mask on before helping anyone sitting with you. This is contrary to instinct if you are a caregiver – or a parent flying with your children. We must remember that we can’t help anyone else if we are not getting oxygen ourselves! Supply yourself with good air and you can better serve those around you!!

When getting a divorce, the rules of mediation are there and they are similar to that oxygen mask procedure.   To many, commencing divorce proceedings is akin to the emergency in the sky – unless we grab onto some life-saving oxygen to save ourselves, we can tumble into an eternal spiral of grief and dysfunction.

This blog will outline the physical steps to avoid the spin factor – to make sure you know to put your own mask on before you start worrying about your children.

Grief, anger, frustration can be all-consuming when getting a divorce – interfering with your work, your home life, your time with the kids.